Carol is a highly skilled and talented Web designer who brings great passion and creativity to all the projects she touches. She regularly pushes for solutions that go beyond what is expected in the tireless pursuit of better results. She's also very pleasant to work with!
— Ward Parker, Partner/Co-Creative Director at Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising

Carol Ehrlich is an extraordinary print and web designer. She is the real deal with a true expertise in design and typography. If you give her an assignment, she does a beautiful job because the quest for creative excellence simply runs in her veins.
—Irene Young, Photographer & Web Designer

I work as a Senior Art Director at Brown, Parker DeMarinis Advertising in Delray Beach, Florida. I had the pleasure of working with Carol Ehrlich for two years there while she worked as a Web Designer. I found Carol's skill level to be excellent. She as knows how to attack a project and come up with a winning solution. Her persistence to figure out better options for interactive design would be an invaluable asset to any company seeking a top-notch talent.
—James Hale, Art Director, Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising

Carol is one the most consistently thoughtful and professional graphic designers I have ever worked with. She is an extraordinary talent who always seeks to provide an innovative and energetic solution to every communications challenge while remaining committed to the strategy. I can honestly say that some of the most exciting work I have ever produced was in collaboration with Carol and I would highly recommend her to any creative director or marketing executive seeking an intelligent and hard-working business partner.
—Rick Witsell, VP Marketing & Compliance at Alliant

Talented web designers like Carol are hard to come by. I had the pleasure of working with Carol at BPD Advertising on a wide range of web projects from websites to apps. She's very creative, thoughtful, diligent and thorough with her work. Her personality is always pleasant and she is great working both in a team and on her own, and of course she will be a great asset for any company.
—Jeanette D'Ambrosio, Senior Client Service Analyst at comScore, Inc.

Carol Ehrlich is the best interactive designer that I have worked with. She has an awesome grasp on Photoshop and is constantly learning new techniques. She also has a natural talent for creating the kind of polished, high end designs that modern companies want but that so few people can produce. She made the leap from print design to interactive design as well, with skills in responsive web design, WordPress and Drupal theming, HTML and CSS3, mobile design, and mobile app design. She is fun to work with and has a can-do attitude that I have not seen in anyone else that I have worked with. I wholeheartedly recommend her and she will be a great asset to your team.
—Gary Peach, Lead Web Developer

Carol’s work has flair, transcending the field of graphic illustration into the realm of art. Her boundless imagination surprises and delights. A big plus is that she’s a pleasure to work with, taking on new tasks with enthusiasm. And she can turn around a project quickly. Carol’s a great talent, and I highly recommend her.
—Barbara Whelehan, Assistant Managing Editor,

You have taken us to a whole other level and made us think about ourselves and our work in a completely new way.
—Mani Feniger, Michael Gardner owners of The Art & Science of the Enneagram

While the Corporate Director of Creative Services for a major media company, CMP for over 15 years, I have hired quite a few designers during my career. Carol is in my opinion one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. I can look back at a design she produced over 15 years ago and it still looks current, modern and of course, beautifully designed. She was always ahead of the curve when it came to developing typography and photo illustrations enhancing any product she was designing.
—Kellie Ferris, President, Arts & Visual Design, Inc.

Carol was a pleasure to work with. She brought to Livemercial new ideas and new challenges and she moved forward with said plans. She always wanted to push the design envelope and get us all involved in moving in that same track. Her experience as well as her new found knowledge are an asset to any employer she works for.
—Carlos Andrés Torres Osorio, Art Director at Wicked Sensual Care

Carol possesses a passion for the arts and design and it exudes through her work. She always found a way to think outside the box and come up with a creative solution that exceeded the clients expectations. She's very eager to work with a team and enjoys sharing inspiration and ideas with her colleagues. She has a knack for picking up new skills very quickly and always adapting to fit the needs of the department. She was a pleasure to work with and would be a wonderful asset to any employer in the future.
—Enrico Morales, Art Director at Peak Seven

"Carol brings a level of artistry, poetry and integrity to her work that is unparalleled in anything else I've seen."
—Barbara Higbie, Musician/Composer


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